Colossal landscaping & earthworks
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Architectual Planning

We offer solid architectural planning to ensure the job gets done the right way, the first time. Foundation work requires carefully thought out architectural planning, which we have extensive experience in, in and around Auckland.

Whether you’re after plans for your dream house, investment property, or for a commercial project, we’ll discuss your ideas, requirements and space, then establish a cost effective solution to suit your budget.


We have the experience and skill set required to set the right foundation for a range of earthworks projects. Whether it’s landscaping, building a house, road works, paving, or excavation, our professional and experienced team are specialised in residential, commercial and industrial earthmoving. We’re the earthworks specialists Auckland can trust!

Colossal landscaping & earthworks
Garden Make Over - Colossal

Block, Rock & Brick Work

Our experience in working with a range of blocks, rocks and bricks sets us in great stead to establish neat, tidy and unique spaces with an enduring finish. We’ve worked with a really diverse range of textures, so we know how to get the best out of all blocks, rocks and bricks on the market. We do more than installation too – we can repair brick and block work, using brick stitching or crack injections, saving you cost, and ensuring you get the best out of your existing structures.

Paving, patios & driveways

We have an in depth understanding of suitable patterns, colours, and textures to set the scene and complement your chosen space. Whether it’s pavers for a driveway to withstand the weight of your vehicle over time, pavers for a delicate garden footpath, pavers for a patio fit for entertainment, or pavers for a family pool area; we have the expertise to ensure durability, as well as the design knowledge to ensure versatility. 

New Decks - Colossal
Colossal Fences & Glass

Decks & Fences

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or rebuilding an old deck or fence, we know which quality materials with withstand the test of time. With a range of deck and fence designs under our belt, we the have the expertise you need, to turn outdoor spaces into sleek, yet practical living areas – we are committed to marrying clean, modern designs with functionality.

We can also design, build and install customised gates to match your deck or fence.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are the foundation of a landscaped garden, and we’re professionals at seamlessly integrating these foundational boundaries, with cost effective and in-style solutions. Retainer walls, when constructed correctly, will stand the test of time against Auckland’s varying environment factors. 

We work with natural stone, sandstone, concrete blocks, concrete render, brick, modular panelled walls, timber, stackable grass, and mixed materials, to bring tiered sections and beautiful outdoor spaces to life. Whether you’re after plans for your dream house, investment property, or for a commercial project, we’ll discuss your ideas, requirements and space, then establish a cost effective solution to suit your budget. 

Colossal Retaining Wall
Colossal Garden Maintenance


Suitable planting is fundamental to a plant’s survival, and to the success of your garden. We have a really good understand plant history, transplant shock, and how to plant into your area of choice, as well as an in depth understanding of fertilisers, and the establishment of lasting garden beds.

Whether we’re working on your dream home garden, or within a commercial setting, we know which plants and trees will survive, flourish, and ultimately make the most of your garden space. Let us help you bring those lush garden dreams to life!


Lush lawns start with solid soil preparation. Grass needs an ideal soil bed – and we’re the experts creating the ideal space for it to grow. Whether it’s residential or for a large commercial project, we’ll provide the preparation and installation essentials to get your new lawn set for success. Let us prepare and plant your new lawn, with our specialised knowledge in selecting appropriate lawn grass varieties, or laying instant turf.

Weed Free Lawns

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