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We are experts  in shaping hedges, shrubs and bushes of any size and shape, to create beautiful garden spaces and lush landscapes that’ll have neighbours green with envy. Let us take care of this time consuming process, because for us, it’s a labour of love. 

We’re happy to provide preventative and ongoing maintenance of all hedges, shrubs and bushes on your home or commercial property. We will also remove dead, or pest affected branches, allowing your hedge to flourish to its full capacity.



We’re trained and certified in the correct methodologies to ensure your trees are well taken care of, or safely removed where required. We’re trained in the art and science or planting, caring for, maintaining, and removing trees. Appropriate tree care is an investment on your property, which we take very seriously, and execute with absolute attention and care. Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy the space!

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We provide one off, as well as ongoing weed control solutions, to ensure your home or commercial garden looks great all year round. We’re skilled at identifying weeds, and either stopping them from seeding, or utilising specialised herbicides to rid you of them for good, whilst ensuring optimal garden health. We’re super knowledgeable about weeds, and will guide you in our process along the way.


We’re gardening experts for each and all of your gardening needs. Whether you’re setting up space for the garden of your dreams, or you require ongoing maintenance for an established garden area, we can work with you to create fit for purpose spaces that are family friendly and perfect for entertaining.

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We perform this down and dirty, yet very essential part of tree removal, so you don’t have to. Stump grinding retains the health of your garden, which is our top priority – we want to see your garden flourish! We use industry tools to ensure the process is easy for us, and cheaper for you. Get rid of unsightly and lumpy stumps, to make way for the lush and level lawn you deserve!

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